Course Overview: Analysing Film and Television

This course offers an introduction to critical engagement with film and television. It is one of the few courses in which you can legitimately call going to the cinema and watching TV research. The theoretical and analytical skills gained will provide an important grounding for screen production, as well as opening up avenues of interpretation and insight.

The course will cover the language of screen texts and the anatomy of visual storytelling, as well as investigating the processes of spectatorial interpretation, issues of realism and contextuality, and the socio-cultural implications of film and television narratives.  You will also have the opportunity to put your understanding of narrative structure, genre, and the elements of visual storytelling into practice by demonstrating how you would adapt a passage of literature into either a storyboard or script.

Prescribed Text: Bordwell, David and Kristin Thompson. Film Art: an introduction (8th Edition) McGraw Hill (2008)


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